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Summary: Tim and Roy discuss Apple, Microsoft, UK innovation, and of course a lot of GNU/Linux in this second episode of TechBytes, which is hopefully entertaining

TIM opens this show with an introduction which soon becomes a discussion about Ubuntu. Later on we speak about Silverlight, Moonlight, and WPF, which are seemingly a dead-end endeavour.

Roy corrects some remarks he made last week about Octave, a project he has not tried for years. He now testifies and talks about how impressed he is by Octave, which has made a lot of progress. Other issues that are covered towards the end are licence compliance matters and women in Ubuntu (now exceeding 5%). More show notes can be found at OpenBytes.

In future shows we may speak about Steve Ballmer getting rid of a lot of Microsoft shares, possibly with Marti, Wayne, and several other guests who are sceptical about Microsoft’s claims. As a reminder, TechBytes does have room for discussion about the competition, unlike some other shows.

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