Bytes Media delivers stories and analysis about issues where law and technology interact, with partial focus on UK law but also law overseas, for example copyright and patent law in the United States. The main focus, however, is free/libre software.

The Web site of Bytes Media was established in 2011 as means of unifying the work of various individuals who had collaborated in textual form, shared research, and also produced multimedia coverage in the form of audio and video. Participants of Bytes Media are mostly based in the UK, but readership is international and audience comes mostly from English-speaking countries. Dr. Richard Stallman is a regular guest in the video/audio episodes. To become part of our endeavours, please mail us at Snail mail can be sent to:

304 Christabel
104 Dalton Street
Collyhurst, Greater Manchester (UK)
Postcode M40 7ED

Information about the hosts can be found under Show Hosts.